Every lawyer in The Netherlands is bound by the rules that apply to the practice of the profession of lawyers, including the Counsel Act (1952), the Rules of Professional Conduct (1992) and the Regulations on the Legal Profession (2014). These rules and regulations can be found on the website of the [  Netherlands Bar Association ].

In addition, every lawyer is bound by the ‘Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act’ (Wwft). Pursuant to the Wwft the lawyer is in some cases under the obligation to conduct client due diligence. Identification of the client is part of such a screening. This identification must take place before certain services referred to in the Wwft may be provided. If it concerns a service referred to in the Wwft, the data based on which the identification shall take place will be requested from the client. The client due diligence is based on the obligation for lawyers contained in the Wwft to report a (proposed) transaction which must be considered unusual, to the Financial Intelligence Unit Nederland (FIU-NL). More information on the Wwft and the FIU-NL can be found on the website