About Hofwijck Advocaten

Hofwijck advocaten is the name under which Albert Jan Franken and Jos van der Lans each have their own lawyers practice. Every lawyer has a practice, individually and independently, which means at their own risk and expense. The cooperation between the lawyers is merely limited to sharing offices and a joint account with BaseNet Advocatuur for e-mail and digital files and customer relationship management. The lawyers share knowledge and experience (intervision) and they stand by each other in case needed (surveillance). For the client this means that the case will be personally treated by one of the two lawyers. This also means that there only exists a legal relationship between the client and the lawyer accepting the instruction. The lawyer-colleague (the other lawyer which has a practice under the name Hofwijck advocaten)  is not a party to the legal relationship between the lawyer and the client. The relationship between the lawyer and the client does not create a legal effect, or legal effects, for the lawyer-colleague. The lawyer-colleague will not in any way be responsible or liable for files, cases and/or agreements with clients of the lawyer.